JavaScript Assignment #7


Create a "Mad-libs" game using JavaScript. This assignment is based on the concepts introduced in assignments 1-6.

  1. Create a blank page.
  2. Using a prompt box, prompt the user to supply his or her name.
  3. Then, using 5 additional prompt boxes, prompt the user to supply 5 words.
  4. Save each word in a separate variable.
  5. Then, using document.write() statements, use the information stored in variables to display a "Mad-libs" type of story, i.e. create a few paragraphs of information in story format.
  6. Also, prompt the user for a color (i.e. one of the 16 named colors or a hex value).
  7. Store this color in a variable.
  8. In the "mad libs" story, highlight, using the color supplied by the user, each of the words that you previously collected. Do this by surrounding the words with <div> tags and using an inline style.

Feel free to use one of these text samples or one of your own.

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