JavaScript Assignment #15

Slide Show with Image Buttons

This assignment builds on concepts in previous assignments, but uses a different existing slide show example from the website to deepen your understanding of working with events, functions, decision making, and image manipulation.

Using the slide show code in this example, make the following modifications to it:

  1. Add a second button that allows the user to move backward through the slide show one slide at a time.
  2. When the user reaches the end (or beginning when clicking on the back button) of the slide show, the slide show should not wrap around to the beginning (or end).
  3. Replace the back and forward form buttons with image buttons.
  4. When at the beginning of the slide show, only the forward image button should be visible. Conversely, when at the end, only the back image button should be visible (replace the image with a blank one of the same size).

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