JavaScript Assignment #14

Simple Slide Show

Build a simple slide show in JavaScript. This assignment builds on the concepts of all of the previous assignments and introduces the concepts of decision making with conditional statements.

  1. Create a basic page in html that displays a single image.
  2. In a set of <script> tags in the <head> section of your page, create a function to store your JavaScript program.
  3. Create a variable outside of the function, initialized to zero.
  4. Each time the user clicks on the image, call the function.
  5. Each time the function is called, increment the variable by 1.
  6. Each time the function is called, and after the variable is incremented, use conditional statements to check the value of variable and then change the image to a unique image when the variable is a certain value.
  7. Do this until 4 additional unique images have been displayed to the user.
  8. (hint: examples here)

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